Spring Equinox 2014

Saturday 27 September 2014, Secret Location - coming soon
4 days ago


Massive Moster Mash
LIVE VISUALS with EzRa, DeliciousTV & Pineal Reality
17:00 Massive Monster Soundsystem (Massive Mash)
18:00 Little Tizzle (New Vibe Old Vibe)
19:30 Hannah b2b Wubzilla (Global Bass)
21:00 Gasp (DND) (Fresh House)
22:00 Estere w Lola (WLG) (Electricblue Witchhop)
23:00 Dr SiliconCock (Indie Funk Electro Breaks)
00:30 Alphabethead (WLG) (Turntablist Explorations)
01:30 Gooba b2b Insomniac w Taos MC (Jungle is Massive)
03:00 Dose (AKL) (Drum 'n' Bass)
04:30 Reset (Techno)
06:00 Andy Tron (MELB) (Progressive Trance)
07:30 Mike T (Christchurch House Collective)
09:00 Boogie Monster (Willy Styles b2b Chris Boyd)
11:00 Aleon (Beats 'n' Pieces)
12:00 Yvette Williams (Chilled Keys and Vocals)

Thump in the Night
17:00 Melodious Skunk (Hip-hop & Experimental Beats)
18:00 LXTZ (Dirty Disco)
19:00 Pino (Native House Stomping)
20:00 Rich (Jungle & DíníB)
21:00 LadyKerbs (NSN) (Neurofunk)
22:00 Scheme (Techno & House)
23:00 Lee Matthews (AKL) (Trap & Bass)
00:00 RandyCD (KBZ) (Drum 'n' Bass)
01:00 Lean Up (NSN) (Grime & Mutant Bass)
02:00 Jabberwocky (Glitch-Hop & Neuro)
03:00 Zimbardy (Progressive Psytrance)
04:00 divinespiral (Progressive)
05:00 DJ Smivs (Fidget & Bassline)
06:00 James Jaymal (Tech House)
07:00 Bruja (Techno)
08:00 Trips In Motion (Dubstep & Drum 'n' Bass)
09:00 Twisted Dub (Minimal Dubs)

Rotten Radio Lounge
A selection of Rotten DJ's.

LOCATION - Rakaia coast
Drive 4km past Rakaia on State Highway 1, turn left onto Mainwarings Road and it will be signpsted from there.

Dunno about you guys, but we're excited already!