Spring Equinox 2006

Saturday 16 September 2006, The Grey River Flats
8 years, 2 days ago

And another one bites the dust! Thanks to everyone who came and to the weather for being extra kind to us again :)

If you want to send us your photos use the contact page to get in touch.

Photo Sets
Set 1 by Sam
Set 2 by Marcus
Set 3 by Meg
Set 4 by Spoonhead

Car Pooling is good!

Parking at Equinox will be limited so please share a vehicle wherever possible. Post in the Need A Ride Forum to hook up rides!

Yes yes that's right Massive have another new site for this equinox. This new site is truly beautiful, surrounded by native forest. Also its a long way from anybody's house, so we can make as much noise as we like! Because of this we have hired a big phat daddy PA for the party.

Illuminati have come to the party again with their mind bending lighting. Slasher i Candy is taking care of visuals, along with a little help from Tim (Warp TV) and Naomi.



Earthdance, the Global Dance Festival for Peace has grown to become the world's largest simultaneous music and dance event. Founded in 1997, with 22 cities and 18 countries participating, Earthdance has grown to over 222 locations in 50 countries participating in 2005, with locations ranging from the club-lands of New York to the rainforests of Brazil. Every year, in alignment with the International Day of Peace, over 200,000 people unite in dance with hundreds of thousands more joining online in support of global peace and humanitarian aims.

This year will be the fourth time Massive has participated in Earthdance. In 2006, Spring Equinox and Earthdance fall on the same date, so instead of doing a separate party we are doing an Earthdance Zone at Spring Equinox.

From the forums:

"..the Earthdance zone will be tented and will constitute a chill zone for this Equinox, although thats not to say the kind of chill that puts you to sleep ... Mostly the D.J's will be spinning Dub, Downbeat, Hip Hop, Tryp Hop, Live Tunes, and any kind of interesting shit that may go down nicely on the night ... not too much doof doof tho .. there is a whole other zone for that kind of nonsense :)"


Main Zone

A diverse bunch, a lot of new names here and some of our old favourites:

18:00   Orinoco----------------------------------NZ Downbeat
20:00   Low -------------------------------------Grime
22:00   Lotion (Live Funk Band)---------------Live Funk
23:00   Witch Doctor (Wanaka)---------------Electro/House
12:30   Dunsta (Wellington)-------------------Breaks
02:00   ill figa-----------------------------------Drum'n'Bass
03:30   Disorder b2b Crisis--------------------Hard Dance
05:00   Maia (Wellington)----------------------Psy
06:30   C.O.S.M (Live)-------------------------Psy Breaks
07:30   Invader Tron & Spoonhead (live)----Psy
09:00   Cobbs-----------------------------------Breaks
10:30   Massive Sound System----------------Good Stuff

Earthdance Zone

21:00   Dismay
22:30   Organism
12:00   gmc
01:30   Insomniac
03:00   psilo
04:30   Litelicks
06:00   Pixie
07:30   Earthdance Soundsystem


$20 Tickets are available now from Hunters & Collectors and Static Records.
$30 on the gate!


Go to Amberley. Turn left into Douglas Rd (Tip Top tearooms on corner). Follow Douglas Rd all the way to Mt Grey (ignore right curve to Broomfield - go straight). Follow signs.