Massivenz: The Christchurch Music Society

The Christchurch Music Society

The Christchurch Music Society trust was formed in 1996 to bring together different cultures for combined entertainment and education on youth issues. The main purpose of our organisation is to encourage youth involvement in contemporary, original music and cultural events in Christchurch.

We aim to bring together different cultures for combined entertainment and education on youth issues that are held in safe, alcohol/drug-free environments. To keep ideas fresh and to stay up with the trends of the different sectors catered for, we are continually reviewing our approach to youth events in Canterbury. We have seen a general move away from the traditional «band gig» which was appropriate when we started.

The Christchurch Music Society is primarily involved with arts projects with strong cultural focus which are used as a medium to facilitate youth development. Music is the perfect medium to attract young people together and share in the celebration of being young.

We have involved a lot more young people in the organisational structure of Massive (the trading name of CMS) in the past few years. They have helped with the whole event set up, from concept through to running the events. In a few cases they have organised the events, with support from the committee. The whole process of being involved in an event with a positive vibe aimed at their peers is very rewarding. Our objective is to support young people in skill development and creative pursuits. They are the best people to run events for their age group.

For 2001-02 we have diversified into a more encompassing provider of entertainment and education. We have had musicians, video artists and performers involved in as many ways as possible and have set up events that inspire them to become involved in creative and positive pastimes.

Winter Soulstice, Summer Soulstice and two Equinox dance events are subsidised by the society to widen the audience and make it affordable. It is planned to break even. If profits are made, they are used to off-set the free events. These events attract a wide audience age group. Parents have seen that they are well run and feel safe in letting their teenagers attend. To attract the more at risk youth it is important to be seen to not have any obvious council connection or preaching.

Supercharge, a healthy lifestyles promotion: We believe it is still the best safe sex/healthy lifestyles free concert/ promotion in the country and we will run it again. The Rodger Wright Centre, an outreach programme, approached us to hold something similar to Charge.

We are also looking at self sufficiency. However, the major problem is finding corporate partners that are interested in the youth market. They are reluctant to spend any of their marketing budgets away from traditional mediums, especially TV. Youth events are alw

We will continue to be the sponsors of an artists subsidy which helps musicians be able to work on their development. Over 45 mostly musicians are currently on the scheme. We have the knowledge of how to run events and will look at helping young people attain their goals.

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Music and Artists

Audiogenus: A site dedicated to supporting the evolution of New Zealand based Dj’s and Producers.

Chai Shop: World Trance Culture

Cosmic Conspiracy Records: Wellington-based Psy Record Label, founded by Wizdumb.

Flying Rhino: UK Trance Label : Unique royalty-free loops legal for use in commercial music production.

HBR1: Excellent internet radio station playing Psychedelic Trance, Ambient,  Downbeat, Chill-Out and House Music.

Iboga Records: Danish record label

Kog Transmissions: Prolific NZ Record Label

Loop Records:   New Zealand Record Label

Pinacolada Records: Christchurch based record label

Saiko Sounds: Online Goa, Psychedelic Trance, Progressive, Ambient, Dub Store

Spirit Zone Records: Spirit Zone Records

Spun Records: Spun Records – GMS, Zorba, Soundaholix, Earthling

TMet Recordings:  TMet Recordings

Other Music Friends of Christchurch

Artists and Musicians from Colombia.

Vallenato artists list, with photos, ranked best to worst by votes.

La lista de buenas bandas de Mariachis clase aparte incluye un filtro para que puedas ordenar por etiqueta de los grupos y qué álbumes han publicado. Esta lista de las mejores bandas de mariachis del mundo incluye a todos los músicos que han lanzado grabaciones que han obtenido distribución, y es una lista actualizada. Los grupos y artistas de Mariachi se muestran a continuación junto con los géneros adicionales a los que pertenece su música.

Mariachis Soacha :  Professional Mariachi Band in Soacha Cundinamarca, entertaining  our communities with exciting live Mexican and Latin American music. : Since its inception in 1983, The Grupo Son Vallenato has been one of the most important names of romantic Vallenato in Cali Colombia. This track has been one of the most popular vallenatos ever produced by this group. Grupo son Vallenato is an authentic legend in Vallenato music.   Protagonistas del Vallenato have been producing vallenatos since 1970. Their father was the famous Vallenato composer Emiliano Guerra who wrote the single «La Gota Fria,» the most popular Vallenato song in the world. «La Espinita,» which is one of their most enduring songs, moves between the classic and modern versions of Vallenato. The solo of accordion is plain fantastic and creates a very nice transition between the different segments of this song. This is one of my favorite vallenatos of all time. The best group vallenato of cali colombia.

Mariachis Precios Bogotá
Mariachi Fiesta de Bogota is a vibrant and authentic mariachi band based in Bogota, Colombia. With their lively performances and traditional Mexican music, they bring joy and excitement to any event or celebration. Their skilled musicians and talented vocalists create an electrifying atmosphere, transporting audiences to the heart of Mexico with each song. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or any special occasion, Mariachi Fiesta de Bogota adds a touch of fiesta and flair that will leave a lasting impression on guests. Experience the passion and energy of Mariachi Fiesta de Bogota for an unforgettable musical journey.

Mariachis en Medellin  The rhythms will make you dance! The accordion will sing to your soul! These happy songs contain the cultural memory of a people with roots in Africa, Native America and Europe. Learn the stories behind this unique music, and come dance the cumbia with Viva Vallenato!

Mariachis Miami artists list, with photos, ranked best to worst by votes.

Known for their snazzy charro uniforms and seemingly endless number of bandmembers, the best Mariachi bands are some of the most well known musicians in Colombia. Originally called Mariachi bands due to their presence at weddings, the best Mariachi bands actually don’t have a single traditional lead singer. Instead, they rely the expertise of their many musicians. When you think of traditional Mexican music, generally Mariachi bands are the first to come to mind.

Mariachi in los Angeles   If you’re needing a great Mariachi in los Angeles California, look no further! This Professional 8-piece full Mariachi has been performing in Northern California and the surrounding areas for quite some time, and they are ready to perform for your event. Known for their extensive repertoire and talented female vocals, this group has the experience!

Matiachi Hernadez Medellin This band will ensure your satisfaction – most of our customers ask for them back again.  Arriving on the music scene in the late 1990, Mariachi Medellin Bands brought an upbeat yet traditional sound to Mexican culture. With a blend of guitars, violins, trumpets, the guitarron, and the vihuela, Mariachi music can truly liven up a party! The upbeat authentic Mexican folk music is the perfect accompaniment for wedding receptions and so much more.  Search for Mariachi Bands in Medellin

Mariachi Arrieros   ➤Has been performing in Northern Medellin and the surrounding areas since 1967. This talented group is comprised of 10-13 members ensuring that full mariachi sound!

Known for their extensive repertoire and talented vocals, this group has generations of experience and it definitely shows. We are here to perform for YOU!

Los Mariachis Medellin Telefonos  One of the best Medellin Mariachi bands. A true 8-piece Mariachi with full sound! 2 Trumpets, 4 Violins, Vihuela, Guitarrón. They are available for any occasion – from birthday partys to weddings to concerts and corporate events – any time you want good Mariachi music!

Mariachi Bogota Macias Show  Dedicated to bringing you beautiful traditional mariachi music, whether it is a sereñata, birthday, anniversary, quinceañera or wedding.

Mariachi en Tampa: We have acts for every type of event you could possibly imagine! Mariachi Estelar Misterio is the most popular mariachi band in the Miami Florida area and has made many a fiesta into a memorable experience. Some of our favorite occasions are mariachi weddings, birthdays and quinceaneras, and last but not least mariachi funerals, wakes and masses.

Mariachi in Miami Are you looking to hire a mariachi band in the Miami Florida? Then hold it right there! Here are a few reasons why you should choose Mariachi Juvenil Miami for your next party! You won’t find a better local mariachi band for hire.

Mariachis Miami ;  was founded in 1995 by Mauricio Aguilar.  Mariachi Miami Gol is considered to be the ambassador of Mariachi music and the most important and sought after mariachi ensemble in Miami

Since the beginning Mariachi Miami Florida has had great acceptance by the general public. They have done countless of public and private events such as: Concerts, Corporate Events, Festivals, Weddings, Birthdays and all types of social events.

Mariachi In Miami: Mariachi Sol de Oro, nestled in the vibrant heart of Miami, stands as a gleaming testament to the rich cultural tapestry of the city. This ensemble, renowned for its exceptional musicianship, brings the soulful melodies and spirited rhythms of traditional Mexican music to life. Each performance is a vivid tapestry of sound, blending the robust tones of violins, the deep resonance of the guitarrón, and the bright strums of the vihuela. Their repertoire ranges from heartfelt serenades to lively rancheras, capturing the essence of Mexico’s musical heritage. Adorned in the iconic traje de charro, Mariachi Sol de Oro not only offers a feast for the ears but also a visual spectacle, embodying the spirit and passion of mariachi tradition. As ambassadors of this beloved art form, they have earned acclaim and affection, becoming a beloved jewel in Miami’s diverse musical scene.»

Mariachi Hernandez Medellin :
¡Tenemos actos para cada tipo de evento que puedas imaginar! Mariachi Estelar de Oro es la banda de mariachis más popular en el área de Cali Valle del Cauca y ha convertido muchas fiestas en una experiencia memorable. Algunas de nuestras ocasiones favoritas son bodas de mariachis, cumpleaños y quinceañeras, y por último, pero no menos importante, funerales, velatorios y misas de mariachis.    Music for your wedding, company event or party! We offer you reasonable rates, years of experience and the highest level of performance and professionalism.

Trios en Cali Manatial provides the perfect musical touch for any occasion! Our musicians are the highest quality professionals in Cali Colombia and we will work with you to accommodate all of your wishes to create the perfect live music.

MANANTIAL is a captivating Colombian string trio that embodies the rich musical heritage of Colombia with their enchanting performances. Consisting of skilled musicians, MANANTIAL delivers a mesmerizing blend of traditional Colombian music infused with contemporary influences. Their repertoire includes a diverse range of genres such as cumbia, vallenato, and bambuco, each performed with precision and passion. Whether performing at cultural events, festivals, or intimate gatherings, MANANTIAL’s melodic melodies and intricate harmonies evoke a sense of nostalgia and pride in Colombian culture. Experience the soul-stirring rhythms and vibrant melodies of Colombia with MANANTIAL, a musical journey that flows like a refreshing spring.

Mariachis Cali: Mariachi music is one of the most vibrant, culturally significant styles of music in the world, and Tampa Bay has some of the best mariachis available in the area. Whether you’re looking for a fun, festive atmosphere or some authentic Mexican flavor, one of these mariachi groups in Tampa will surely fit the bill. Each offers their own unique style and flavor of music, making it easy to find what works best for your event. Mariachis en Cali offer both affordable and more elaborate arrangements with prices to suit any budget and provide a lovely sound that enriches any environment. So come on down to Tampa Bay and enjoy the best mariachi music around!

We cover a wide range of styles – from classical to pop-rock, jazz to world music and more! We offer you flexibility with instrument combinations; we can add trumpet, flute, vocals and more!